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Content and Context of Voice Search

Lorelei Garnes

Lorelei Garnes owns WNC Social Media Buzz, a local digital marketing business. She can be reached at 828 421 2807 for all your digital marketing needs.

Smartphones and the internet have changed the way we live and do business – and the latest development is accessing information from the internet is through Voice Search.

We can search (and research) any topic, product or service before making purchase decisions simply by asking a question. We can grab our phone and ask “Google, what’s playing at the movies tonight?” Or we speak to the listener in the room and say, “Hey Siri, what’s a great recipe for dinner?” and let Google, Yahoo or Bing answer our questions. With a Voice Search, the search engines perform their magic that previously needed to be entered by keyboard. There’s a moment of exhilaration when Siri replies back with something resourceful. Consumers have rapidly adopted these little “robots” to work at our beckoning call. Keep in mind too, that when we use voice search, content is King and now, context is Queen.

The content of a Voice Search question is important, but a Voice Search is also monitored for the context in which the question is asked. Whether in your kitchen asking for a recipe or in your car asking for an idea for dinner, the search engines know the difference.

For marketers, focusing on consumer behavior and Voice Search context can help you write relevant content for your potential clients. Knowing the context of a search can help businesses show up when and where the consumers want to find them.  Increasingly, this is becoming a voice-first and mobile-first world. My computer, phone, Fitbit, tablet, and laptop have data synced on all devices to meet my needs. I can also connect my refrigerator, TV, and washer/dryer too.  Consumers are increasingly relying on more online devices that are linked to each other.

What does this have to do with you or marketing your business? Businesses must learn to touch, tap, and talk all at the same time! Learning new technologies will ensure you are prepared in today’s ever-changing online world.

Lorelei Garnes owns WNC Social Media Buzz, a local digital marketing business. She can be reached at 828 421 2807 for websites, SEO optimization, cross-channel analysis and all your digital marketing needs.

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