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Positively Haywood

Find your copy of Positively Haywood at these fine establishments, distributed at the beginning of each month

Free to Residential Mailboxes
in Haywood County

We mail on or about the first of every month, free to all residential mailboxes in Haywood County! Your subscription will help us get a better rate from the postal service. If you didn’t receive a copy and you have a residential mailbox, first see if your spouse got it and then please talk to your postal carrier.

No Delivery This Month? If you have a residential mailbox and didn’t receive your copy, first see if your spouse got it. If not, talk to your postal carrier or call your post office and let them know:

Canton Post Office 828-648-2634
Clyde Post Office 828-627-2831
Lake Junaluska Post Office 828-452-4808
Maggie Valley Post Office 828-926-0679
Waynesville Post Office 828-456-9445

Outside Haywood County?

12 months – $30


Canton Municipal Bldg
Canton Post Office
Canton Library
HomeTown Hardware – Radio Hill
Juke Box Junction

Clyde Municipal Bldg
Clyde Post Office
Coffee Cup Cafe
Haywood Regional Medical Center

Waynesville Town Hall
Waynesville Post Office
Smoky Mountain Roasters
Panacea Coffee House
Blue Moon Salon
Bruce McGovern Realty
Carolina Readiness Supply
The Dog House
Waynesville Library
Clyde’s Restaurant
Kim’s Pharmacy

Maggie Valley
Maggie Valley Post Office
Maggie Valley Town Hall
Maggie Valley Library
Visitor’s Center
J Creek Café