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Your Message Hits Home with Vicínitus Haywood

  • Delivered free and Dry in the mailboxes of your target market in Haywood County to over 29000 residential mailboxes.
  • The Power of Local Print   Studies shows print is more trusted and often preferred over online information – even by millennials!  52.2% of Haywood County residents are over 45 who read and spend more.  In Haywood County, the internet reaches less than 50% of homes, is crowded, growing; not geographical and expensive. With over a billion websites worldwide, over 600,000,000 in the US, print is still the best way to connect with your community.
  • Local Content   Short, relevant monthly articles offer busy people information without a huge time commitment. Readers love it!
  • Longer Shelf-life   Readers keep Positively Haywood all month with your local information and events.
  • Readers love it!  Readership-driven content and ads to give readers the positive, local, relevant content they want.
  • Local Advertisers Readers want to know about businesses to help them and to Shop Local.
  • Compact   Your ad doesn’t get lost in pages of information of limited interest that clutters traditional daily and weekly publications.
  • Space for content   Let us know about your events or expertise you’d like to share (in-county only).
  • Create a good-will!  Your support enables Positively Haywood to provide our community with positive, local events, stories and calendars in their mailbox.
  • Pick up Points in Haywood County, Candler, and Balsam for visitors, part-timers and others close by.