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This is simply a note of praise to you and your staff for the Vicinitus paper.  It is a beautiful expression of noteworthy articles by our local citizens sharing what is actually important in Haywood county. The convenience of receiving this paper in my mailbox is one of the things I appreciate and makes you stand out. Thank you and congratulations on your success.   Thanks, Wilma D


Carol, I love Vicinitus!  This is what I had been looking for, for years.  The monthly snapshot of all the fun things going on, that I missed going through several publications.  Thank you, thank you!  We have a P.O. Box, so have to look elsewhere to get a copy.  The P.O. copies get snatched up quickly.   Thank you SO much.  June D  🙂


Not to go on and on forever, but I enjoy the layout, the articles as well as the “things to do,” and appreciate so much that you heard the need and
responded.   I’ve heard many people talk about things they’ve read in your publication.  Awesome contribution to our community. Thank you. 


First I want to say I love this publication! And I think you are the person I actually spoke with a while back when I was in the Tea Emporium…. Thank You, Robin C


I enjoyed meeting you this evening as I have been a fan of your publication.  I think it provides an important service in keeping Haywood county residents informed about our community. Marie S


I think this past issue of “Vicinitus” newspaper has reached a new level of excellence. The cover photo of Lake Junaluska was so beautiful, it caught my breath and made me feel grateful to live in Haywood County. You have outdone yourselves with the colorful format, graphics, & the local advertisements make it all such a pleasure to read through, but the best is the various interesting articles and heartfelt stories that are brought to light through your wonderful community newspaper. And the cherry on top is that it’s free! And arrives in your mailbox! What more could any community ask for?  Blessings and Aloha, Nancy C. P.


I have just received my first issue of ‘Vicinitus ‘ Haywood. I am pleased and impressed to see how much information it contained. Congratulations on a great little community newspaper. Roy L


….In any case, the purpose of this message is to tell you that we received our copy of Vicinitus Haywood in yesterday’s mail! WOW!!! what an undertaking and what a great little publication! Thank you SO much for all your effort in producing it! Congratulations! Marian P


I just got through reading my brand new issue of Vicinitus and I must tell you how pleased I was with your new publication.  The tone was positive and the issue was filled with information that was useful to me.  Best of luck going forward with ‘Vicinitus’ and I look forward to the next issue. Thanks! Gina T


“Thank you for your publication. …Kudos for these articles, it’s so refreshing to read about positive events taking place within our communities.” Ray N, Waynesville


“I look forward to your well written, professional publication.” Carl E, Maggie Valley


“I always find something useful or interesting within.  Well done!” K. B, Clyde


“Thank you for Vicinitus.” Suzanne H, Canton 


“Will look forward to receiving it.  Keep up the excellent work.” Robert K. Waynesville


“I enjoy your paper.  The objective unbiased opinions are refreshing and well written.” D. Putnam, Canton 


What a lovely addition to the Haywood County media scene!  I do hope you’ll be able to continue what is so clearly a labor of love and could become a tremendous resource for the county.  Natalie B. Waynesville


“….I cannot emphasize enough how good it was to be able to get the magazine from my mailbox and sit down at the kitchen isle and enjoy the well-conceived, informative, thoughtful, well laid out, and local business-focused publication. Kudos to you and your staff!   Wayne M, Waynesville

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“Love your product!”  A. Mabry, HCC

“We tracked our biggest bump in ticket sales to Vicinitus Haywood.”  A. Schwab, Folkmoot

“We continue to be the top study site with #’s of applicants / participants – largely in part to the great exposure from Vicinitus!!” J. Keiper, HRMC

“Within four days of Vicinitis showing up in our mailboxes, we have been blessed with three new customers who were inspired to find us. What more could an advertiser ask for? Thank you Carol Adams. We love your little neighborhood newspaper that comes in our mailboxes now, and we wish you …. great success.” Nancy P, Tea Time Emporium

“We had 3 new students in our essential oil class.” D, Zoolies