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Submission Info

Submission Info

Deadline for Each Issue   The earlier the better!  Monthly Ad changes & submissions are due by the 10th of the month for the following month. New ads & submissions accepted through the 20th of the month, space permitting.

Press Releases: Submit in-county press releases in Microsoft Word. Please do not submit pdf files or scanned images. All submissions are subject to editing for clarity, length, and tone.

Creating the Best Ad for You.

The best ads are straight forward, showcasing one item or product. A simple message with an enticing photo, your logo and contact information, arranged to create an attractive ‘hook’ for consumers in your target market.

Photos: Consumers spend 3 seconds or less looking at ads – they see over 3000 messages every day! Hold their attention longer with an interesting photo – the bigger the better. Avoid complicated or busy photos. Simple content in a photo is far more effective.

Short & Sweet: Keep it simple. Customers can’t learn everything about your product in one ad. Limit the amount of verbiage. Don’t be overly descriptive. Grab their attention so they’ll seek more information. Include a call to action like an event or sale, phone today, visit our website or make an appointment.

Branding: An advertising campaign should contribute to your brand becoming a household name within your target market. Advertising is based on branding. Your business is a brand, recognized by your logo and all the messages you put out (billboards, signs, your shop, how you and your employees dress, ads that are seen often). Successful businesses spend years building their brand. The investment in promoting your brand is most effective when strategically planned to connect your goods and services to the targeted consumers you serve. Advertising is a reminder for consumers of your brand and that you are available to serve them.

Coupons: Coupons may not be an accurate measure of the effectiveness of your ad. Are you seeking new customers who shop primarily based on price? Are you ready to discount to your established customers? Will your target market take time to bring in the coupon? Most businesses do not win market share based solely on price, especially in the internet age. 

Display Advertising Pricing

Open Rate: $33/month per column inch

3 Months or more: $28/mo/column inch (15% monthly savings)

4 to 25 column inches (half page); All Ads Full Color; Free Ad Design.

Ad Submission Guidelines

Acceptable File Formats for print: eps, tif, jpg, pdf, 300 DPI, high-resolution images

Supported Applications:  Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign. Include supporting fonts and images, unless embedded in the document.

Unacceptable Formats: gif, png, low-resolution web graphics, Microsoft Publisher files, Mac Pages files, scanned images

Ads start at 4 column inches – only $132/mo; $112/mo *3 months or more.