Vicinitus Haywood is a publication offered by Vicinitus, a limited liability corporation in North Carolina. Consisting of a group of friends with various backgrounds in graphic design, layout and print, we're reviving the tradition of a community newsletter  and bringing it to life in Haywood County.  As the public face of Vicinitus, you can reach Vicinitus through me, Carol Adams, via email caroladams@vicinitus.com or 828 476 6055.

Submissions: Announcements, community news, upcoming events, personal notices, letters, etc. of local interest are published free as space allows. We will not print submissions that endorse or condemn a specific business or individual, contain profanity or are clearly fraudulent.  Anonymous submissions will not be published.  All submissions may be edited for clarity, style and length.  Submissions must be received by the 10th of the month for the next month’s publication and be 400 words or less.  Pieces received later will be added as space allows.

Advertising: We welcome all advertisers operating in Haywood County.  Call 828 476 6055 for pricing and availability. 

Editorial Policy: Vicinitus Haywood reserves the right to refuse any advertising or editorial submission deemed inappropriate for the tone and style of the publication. A best effort is made to verify legitimacy of information received and published.  Views expressed in columns and/or articles do not represent those of Vicinitus Haywood.

​​Vicinitus Haywood